Methods = Force-free, positive reinforcement training

Goals = Teaching owners the tools & experiences to have a happy, confident dog that will be well-mannered in public settings & as a valued, polite member of your household.

Unless otherwise noted all group classes are $110, 1 hour in length, & a 6 week session limited to ONLY 5-6 dogs per class

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PUPPY PRESCHOOL + AKC Star Puppy Evaluation:

(puppies 8-20 weeks of age at beginning of class)

Mondays, 6:30-7:30pm, April 23-June 4
(note no class on 5/28 Memorial Day)
                              This class is full!

Thursdays, 8-9pm, April 26-June 7
(note no class on 5/10)                                                          Sign Up Now!

Puppies are *sponges*!!  Eager to learn both good & bad.  Lets start them with a foundation of GOOD!

Our Puppy Preschool tackles: house training, crate training, nipping/mouthing, socialization, grooming/vet training, as well as the basics of sit, down, settle, leave it, leash manners, wait & come.

Last week of class is the AKC "Star Puppy" evaluation -- puppy's opportunity to earn it's first certificate!

Supervised, Off-Leash Puppy Playtime EVERY class!!!!!!


 (dogs 5 months or older)

Mondays, 8-9pm, April 23-June 4
(note no class on 5/28 Memorial Day)                         This class is full!

A dog is never too old to learn 'new tricks' or better behavior!  

Whether you have a newly adopted adult rescue/shelter dog or just missed getting to puppy classes, our Family Dog class is for you.

Our Family Dog class works on the basics: sit, down, wait, leave it, leash manners, come, settle, off.  Common issues like jumping up, door manners & crate training are also addressed.

(dogs 5 months or older + prerequisite Puppy Preschool, Family Dog or equivalent)

Wednesdays, 6:30-7:30pm, April 25-May 30                           Sign Up Now!

Continuing with skills learned in Puppy or Family Dog classes, we add distractions & additional levels of difficulty to proof and prove your dog's ability to be a polite family member whether at home or in public.
Additional skills also introduced that are applicable for anyone considering any type of competition with their dog &/or therapy dog work.


(prerequisite The Basics)
Tuesdays, 8-9pm, April 24-May 29              Sign Up Now! - only 1 spot left!

(prerequisite Intro to Rally)
Tuesdays, 6:30-7:30pm, April 24-May 29                                   Sign Up Now!

ALL DOGS can compete in Rally Obedience (Pure bred or Mixed breed).  And Rally "O" is definitely the place to start if you've ever considered competing with your dog.  Regardless of titles, placements and ribbons, doing Rally training with your dog will earn you the benefits of better attention & leash manners - something ALL of our furry family members can improve on right!?

(dogs 5 months or older + prerequisite Puppy Preschool, Family Dog or equivalent) 

Thursdays, 6:30-7:30pm, April 26-June 7
(note no class on 5/10)                                                                  Sign Up Now!

Focusing on the 10 "CGC" testing exercises that ensure a well behaved dog in public places, with strangers and with the distraction of other dogs.  Specifically: Supervised Separation, recalls/come, stay, "off" for greetings from people, ignoring another dog while out for a walk, & reaction to distractions. 
Necessity for dogs pursuing any Therapy Dog certifications.

(dogs 5 months or older + prerequisite Puppy Preschool, Family Dog or equivalent)

Wednesdays, 8-9pm, April 25-May 30                                          Sign Up Now!

Playing games with our dogs is one of the best ways to establish our relationship with them (i.e. I *AM* fun and *I* have the thumbs to get those treats out of the container).  Teaching them tricks is a great way to build a fun bond with your dog!
Specific tricks to be learned include playing piano, ride a skateboard, learn how to read, plus the old standards; shake, bow, spin, back, roll over, play dead.
Now an AKC titling category (yes, even for mix breeds) & as an AKC CGC Evaluator, I can complete your certification paperwork DURING class!  

Let's teach our dogs some silly tricks to earn titles, to perform as 'party favors' when you have company, or to potentially make the next 'dog video' that goes viral!

HOUND ON THE TOWN (spring & fall ONLY):

4 week class session for $80

Fridays, 5:30-6:30pm, April 27-June 1
(note no class 5/11 & 5/18)                                             Sign Up Now!

Is your dog a good ambassador for the canine species when out in public?  OR does your dog bark at bicyclists and scramble away from strollers?
Hound on the Town is an opportunity to learn and practice good dog manners in real life, public situations full of distractions!  We will also address mild reactivity and fear issues through continued socialization for your dog in a positive & structured manner.  Advice & strategies for owners when you encounter; off-leash dogs, charging dogs, overly friendly children, orthings often perceived as threatening by our hounds. 

Class will meet at various locations in Edmond or North OKC (i.e. Mitch Park, Lowe's on Kelly, Mitch Park, OKC Airport)

(dogs 5 months or older + prerequisite The Basics or equivalent)

Drop In Class; Fridays 11-noon, $15 per class         Contact me for further info
Instructor approval only                           

Based on skill level, a variety of Competitive Obedience skill levels will be offered (BN, CD, CDX, UD) based on the needs, goals & skill levels of the dog/handler teams in each session.  



dogs 5 months or older (prerequisite The Basics, CGC Prep or equivalent)

Completed "The Basics" class or dog already have their CGC title?  Here's the next step!
We'll work on the exercises required for the advanced CGC titles of "Community" & "Urban".  All exercises focus on a dog being under control and having good manners even when distractions might tempt them!  (i.e. "off", leash manners, leave it's with dogs/people/food, etc.).
This is a great class to work on focus & attention from your dog even when distractions are present.


(4 week class for $120, limited to 3 dogs)

Any history of biting or aggression toward humans is beyond the scope of this class and not eligible for enrollment, please contact me for private consultation.

For dogs with reactivity toward other dogs (i.e. barking, lunging, growling).
This class will not proof your dog for off-leash play at the dog park.  But, it will teach both handler/owner & dog the desensitization and management techniques for safe on-leash participation in public settings or to participate in group dog classes. 


(2 week mini session for $40) 

Does your dog have selective hearing when you call it?  Then this class is for you!

(Prerequisite The Basics, Tricks or CGC Prep class)

Agility can be a LOT of fun for both you & your dog whether its classes or competition!  Either way, you need good foundations to run an agility course 'together' (instead of dog choosing their own path of mayhem!).  
Dogs eligible for this class MUST be ok being in a crate as dogs will tackle obstacles or sequences ONLY one at a time.
Crates are on site & handlers will be able to be right by their dog's crate to help them with crate manners.... patience for their turn... self control while other dog's get their turns & etc.  

                 (prerequisite The Basics or equivalent)                        

                                    (2 week focused mini-course for $40)

Does your dog only sit, down, stay, or come if you are standing right in front of them?  This 2 week mini-course will work on hand signals & boosting your dog's understanding of 'commands from a distance'.


(2 week mini session for $40)

Does your dog think you and everyone it meets should be greeted with a full body hug & paws on your chest?  Then this class is for you!


(2 week class for $40)

Wanting to compete in anything with your dog?  Does your dog have selective deafness or seems to have forgotten their name?
A great little class for all dogs!


4 week class for $75 (dogs 6 months +)

Does your dog shy away or hide behind you when meeting new people, dogs or situations?  Cautious Canine class will provide confidence boosting activities in a fun, positive and patient approach.  Handlers will also learn strategies to encourage their hounds .  

CONFORMATION DROP INS: (dogs 12 weeks +)

$15 per "Drop-In Class"

Contact Us if you plan on attending!

Have a new "show" puppy, are new to conformation/dog shows yourself or are experienced & just need some practice time?  We'll adapt to what you & your dog need.

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